General FAQ

Q: is the vita region locked?
A: no, you can import whatever you want
Q: can i play jp games on na/eu psn?
A: yes, unless it has an online pass
Q: can i use jp dlc on na/eu psn?
A: no
Q: can i use more than 1 region psn on the same memory card?
A: no
Q: how do i switch to jp psn?
A: system format and have a spare memory card
Q: is it hacked yet???
A: yes, but fuck off to /hbg/ for discussion
Q: is vhbl shit?
A: yes
Q: where do i find out about dem hax should they be released in the future?
Q: physical or digital?
A: it really depends. do you care about reselling games? then get physical. do you like convenience?  digital. 
do you live in an area where your vita might be stolen? digital. do you plan on using ps+? digital.
sorry if this is biased towards digital, i just don't like paying tax for online purchases where i live/32gb is so fucking convenient.
Q: what size memory card should i get?
A: 64GB if you plan on getting PS+ and a lot of digital games. 16GB if you're planning on mostly buying physical games. With 16GB you'll have
plenty of space for digital-only games.

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