I can’t get location data:

Register your router’s WiFi MAC at Skyhook Wireless (click)

Before doing anything:

Tap the Near button, a blue screen will pop up, wait for it to complete and press ok.

The Near icon will continue to spin, wait until the notification pops up saying “X people playing near you” This may take a minute or two.

You will then be presented with a screen containing various entries.

What do these entries mean?:

High Buzz rating:

Tapping this will bring up your local area map, it means someone has been playing this game a lot in your area recently.

Topping the charts for number of people playing:

This will bring up the Player’s Voice screen for the game, it means a majority of people in your area have been playing this game recently.

You’ve encountered (profile name) X times:

Tapping this will bring up your local area map. This means a person who is not on your friend list has checked in on Near that many times in your local area.

You’ve encountered (profile name) from your friend list X times:

Essentially the same as the last one, but for someone who is on your friend list.

Popularity Surge!:

A new or previously undiscovered game has become the most-played game in your local area.

There are more other entries but those are fairly self-explanatory.

Want to see who is Near you?

Tap an entry that shows your local area map, any will do.

This will show all users who have recently checked in at your local area.

You can tap the avatars to bring up the PSN profile of each person near you and send messages, friend requests, etc.

Want to see what’s popular in your local area?

Tap an entry that shows your local area map, any will do.

In the bottom-right, tap the crown icon. This will show the top chart in your area.

These numbers are accurate.

Want to see what’s popular from every check in from every area you’ve been to?

from the main screen, simply tap the crown icon in the bottom-right.

These entries can become very inflated and are not an accurate representation of what’s being played near you.

Feel free to use the feedback form at the Feedback page to ask any further questions or suggest any changes I should make to this guide.

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