Vita 1000 (original) vs Vita 2000 (slim)

PlayStation Vita 2000

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Pros and Cons

  • IPS LCD (When compared to an OLED screen, it is not as bright, colours are not as vibrant, blacks are not as deep. However, the IPS performs much better in sunlight, has a sharper image at closer viewing distances, and has no muira issue.)
  • Slimmer by 3mm (20%)
  • Lighter by 41g compared to 1000 wifi-only model, lighter by 60g compared to 1000 WiFi/3G model
  • There is no Vita 2000 model with 3G
  • More rounded edges help improve ergonomics
  • The 2000 only has a rectangle of glass on the front (covering the screen and bevel), whereas the 1000 had a full-glass front
  • Both models have a 2,210mAh battery, but the 2000’s screen draws less power (reportedly adding up to 1-2 hours play time)
  • 1GB internal storage (disabled when memory card is inserted)
  • Standard MicroUSB connector for data and power (the 1000 used a proprietary connector which allowed audio passthrough for some charging docks)
  • PS Button, Start, Select are raised for more tactile feedback (these buttons on the 1000 were flush)
  • Reportedly louder speakers
  • No mystery port (the use for this has still yet to be revealed, and is now obsolete)
  • Smaller rear touch pad, decorative pattern removed (square, circle, triangle, cross) and replaced with simple dots
  • Larger back grips
  • Rubberised feel to the back
  • WiFi/Power/Notification lights have been removed from the PS Button and relocated to the top of the device
  • Easily-removed and replaced battery (1000 needed prying tools and ran the risk of damage)
  • Game card slot cover is much easier to operate
  • No faux-metal trim


Visual Comparison Using Stock Photos

Vita 1000 Front


Vita 1000 Rear


Vita 2000 Front2000front

Vita 2000 Rear


Video Comparison by NewOB

Photo Comparison

Top: 1000, Bottom: 2000


Colours Available

Vita 1000 (colours are uniform)

  • White
  • Black

(JP-only colours)

  • Cosmic Red
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Ice Silver

(JP-only limited editions)

  • Soul Sacrifice Cosmic Red (cosmic red base, black wizard pattern on back, accessory kit)


  • Hatsune Miku White (white base, miku pattern on front and back)


Vita 2000 (fronts and backs vary)

  • Black (black front, black back)

(JP-only colours)

  • White (white front, white back)
  • Lime Green (white front, lime green back)
  • Sky Blue (white front, sky blue back)
  • Pink (black front, pink back)
  • Khaki (black front, khaki back)

(JP-only limited editions)

  • Gundam Breaker White (white base, gundam pattern on back, accessory kit, 2 gundam kits)


  • Final Fantasy X/X-2 White (white base, FFX logo and character pattern on back)


  • God Eater 2 Khaki (khaki base, game logo and camo pattern on back, themed accessory kit)


  • Toukiden Black (black base, white oni pattern on back)


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